Max Yates

Colgate Lacrosse
“I started at KMK after a consecutive shoulder and knee surgery during my senior year. In order to prepare for D-1 lacrosse after these surgeries, I tried KMK based on recommendations. Seth, the trainer I work with primarily, has taken my game to a new level. Seth and KMK are unique in their understanding of an athlete’s needs while also being so knowledgeable in scientific-based exercise. Seth has made me far more confident in my own mobility while also greatly increasing strength and speed. KMK has the highest quality equipment, most knowledgeable staff, and keeps the gym extremely clean. Kevin, Seth, and the entire staff are also great guys who make every workout enjoyable.”

Anthony Mastroni

Brown University
“KMK is a well-kept, professional, and well-rounded facility. Kevin and Seth are two of the most knowledgeable and professional trainers I have ever come across. As a D1 football player, I have never encountered a group of trainers that offers more thoroughly thought out, unique, and science-backed methods of training to help athletes achieve their specific goals. My success as a college athlete is largely due to this facility and group of trainers.”

Carina Ciampi

University of Rochester
“KMK training is the place to be if you are looking to improve your athletic performance, learn proper lifting techniques and improve your overall sports skill. Kevin is very personal and understands how to plan a workout designed for the athletes he works with. I drive 2 hours to go to KMK and it is worth every minute of the trip. When I first started with Kevin about a year and a half ago, I had never lifted weights before and did not know how to come up with my own workout plan. Kevin explains all of the parts of your body that you are using in each exercise and makes sure you understand the workout and are not just going through the motions. I highly recommend KMK for anyone looking to improve their fitness level and become a better athlete.”

Chuck Clemons

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
“I play basketball at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and have been working out at KMK for a couple of years. I can truthfully say that my body has progressed to measures that wouldn’t be possible anywhere else. KMK has the best technology around and puts it to great use. My trainer, Kev and I have built a close relationship throughout the years and he has helped me understand my body and lets me know what works specifically for me. All the trainers at KMK are great people and they are very fun to be around. I’m very appreciative of the whole staff and KMK as a whole.”

Kyle Vaccarella

Auburn University
“I am currently a football player at Auburn University. As a Division 1 athlete, I have been blessed to have come across Kevin and this amazing facility. Kevin has helped me reach my goals, push my limits, and has implemented science-based exercises to develop me into the athlete I am today. This is an amazing facility with the highest quality equipment, most knowledgeable trainers, and provides all of the services needed for an athlete’s success. I can confidently say that part of my success within my football career is owed to Kevin and KMK.”

Max Manjos

Roger Williams University
“I’ve been working with Kev and the rest of the KMK staff for the last few years and they have helped me evolve my game and achieve my goal to play at the next level. KMK works with their athletes and create personalized plans to achieve their maximum potential. Throughout my Training | have felt vast improvements in my game and have transformed my body. I highly recommend KMK to athletes of all ages and skill levels.”

Max Migillicudy

Loyola University
“I play Division 1 lacrosse at Loyola University Maryland. I have been working out at KMK for over two years now. My progress both in the weight room and on the field has helped me compete at the highest level, striving to win a national championship. The weight training is designed solely for me, focusing on my specific needs so I can be successful on the lacrosse field. Along with that, KMK really emphasizes the importance of recovery which is extremely important for training. Not only does KMK offer top-of-the-line training, the relationship and friendships I have been able to build with the trainers is far beyond any other place I have been a part of. Kevin is truly a great guy who cares immensely about his clients and friends. He continues to push me to be the best I can be. I recommend KMK to any athlete who wants to strive to be the best both at the high school and college-level”

Nicole Koshes

Merrimack Softball
“I’ve been working with Justin for about 10 years and with the KMK staff for 2. They provide all the services an athlete will ever need to be successful on and off the field which is important when aspiring to become a collegiate athlete. The environment and staff is super welcoming which allows me to improve upon my weaknesses and make my strengths even better. I’ve been able to reach goals I didn’t think were possible with the help of Justin, Kevin, and the rest of the staff at KMK. I can confidently say that part of my success within my athletic career is owed to Justin and the KMK staff”

Tess Stapleton

Track and Field
Fairfield Ludlowe High School
Stanford University ‘25

– State Record in the 55 meter hurdles
– New England record in the 55 meter hurdles
– 3x Indoor state open hurdle champion
– 2020 long jump state open champion
– 2x New England long jump and 55 meter hurdle champion
– 2019 outdoor 100 meter hurdle state open champion and long jump champion
– 2020 Gatorade player of the year for CT

“KMK has helped me grow my strength immensely over the past year. Hurdling and jumping is about explosive speed and power, so lifting is crucial. Every week at KMK I watch my lifting numbers improve, and the effects of this are evident on the track. I have truly never been as strong as I am right now thanks to my workouts at Kevin’s and it is showing in my competitions as I continue to PR. Additionally, KMK’s top-of-the-line recovery equipment has also helped me so much, allowing me to train and compete at a really high intensity without my body feeling burnt out or getting injured.”

Zach Laput

Notre Dame West Haven
Bentley University

– SCC Player of the Year, Ct First Team All-State
– New Haven Register All-Area MVP
– Record 43-5 in Jr and Sr year, ND

“KMK has helped take my explosiveness and strength to a whole new level from my sophomore to junior year. I was barely touching rim my sophomore year and by my junior hear I was catching windmills and was the strongest player on my team.”

Logan Carey

St. Peter’s Prep

– Top 10 Recruit Class of 2022

“KMK introduces athletes to high levels of training. They motivate and push their clients to reach their fullest potential while educating the athletes with proper technique and form. Overall, this facility will help you improve and perform at the next level.”

Rich Kelly

UMASS Amherst

– Four-Year Starting Guard

“Kev is a guy who’s passionate, knowledgeable, and energetic about helping you improve. He and his team do a great job putting together an individualized plan for each athlete and explaining along the way ‘why and how’ we are doing each exercise. I am a better athlete and player because of KMK.”

Callie Cirilli

USC Lacrosse

– All-American
– Most Goals in Fairfield Ludlowe High School History
– Gatorade Player of the Year

“KMK has helped me to increase my endurance and overall strength as an athlete. As my numbers have improved consistently, it has translated directly into my lacrosse game. There are also amazing resources to support the athletes such as; a variety of recovery and nutrition options. KMK has built me to not only be a better athlete, but it also has built my character and mental toughness. I am beyond grateful to be able to grow in such a positive environment with amazing trainers and athletes.”

Betsy Winslow

Women’s Hockey
Trinity College
“As a soon-to-be collegiate athlete, KMK was exactly what I was looking for to get stronger, faster, and improve my overall athletic performance. Kevin is such an amazing trainer and person. He really takes the time to get to know his athletes and then know how to push them to the next level. KMK has everything from the space, equipment, recovery, and is the perfect place to improve your strength and overall fitness to reach your goals at the next level.”

Casey Winslow

Field Hockey
Colby College
“KMK has been the perfect fit to help me train as an incoming collegiate athlete. From the physical plant to the genuineness of the trainers, KMK truly cares. In such a short period of time, my confidence, strength, and overall fitness have improved tremendously. I feel more than prepared to play at the next level all thanks to KMK!”

Tyler Bower

Bucknell University
“I play college football at Bucknell University and was looking for a place to maximize my performance on the field that could push me not only harder but smarter than I would be able to push myself alone. Since working out at KMK with my trainer Seth, I have been able to see and feel a noticeable improvement in body composition, strength, explosiveness, mobility, and also been able to acquire greater knowledge of how my muscles work together. With their emphasis on recovery and improvement, I would recommend KMK to athletes of all levels looking to increase the level of their performance.”